EKHN Delegates Activities in GMIM.

Date 03 - 13 November 2017

"Sharing of joy and pain together as the body of Christ"


Friday 3 November 2017


14.00. Arrival. Sam Ratulangie International Airport of Manado.

Welcome by Rev. Dr. Hein Arina, Vice President of GMIM.

14.30. Lunch at Zebaoth Congregation, Manado.

15.00. To Tomohon.

Distribution of delegates to host family, hotel and GMIM guest house (Wale Oikumene)


19.00. Dinner at Green Garden Restaurant.

Introducing the delegates to the staffs by Provost Dr. Klaus-Volker Schűtz.

and Rev.Dr. Arina introduced all the ecumenical affair staffs to the delegation.


Saturday, 4 November 2017


09.00. Gather in Wale Oikumene

09.00. Announcement about the agenda and practical arrangement.

09.30. Leave to Manado

10.30. Arrived at Manado

10.30. Sharing with Communion Of Churches in Indonesia (Persekutuan Gereja-Gereja di Indonesia).

With Rev. Krise Gosal, Deputy Secretary of PGI at Sentrum Church in Manado 

12.30. Lunch

13.00. Sharing Continue

15.00. Visitation to Chinese Temple  (Kong Fu Tsu/Budhist)

15.45. Free time in Manado Town Square Mall.

18.30. To restaurant near the beach

18.45. Dinner at Restaurant, with meal: fish, kangkung and rice with ‘dabu-dabu’.

21.00. To Tomohon


Sunday, 5 November 2017


08.00. Departure to attend Sunday Service with several Congregations.

1.Sentrum, Kakas. Rev.Dagmar Unkelbach

2.Sendangan, Kakas. Rev. Sabine Fätber-Awischus

3.Toliang,Kakas. Rev. Tina Neumann

4.Paulus Winebetan, Langowan 3. Rev. Annete Bassler

5.Petra Winebetan. Provost Dr. Klaus-Volker Schűtz

6.Nafiri Kaayuren Bawah. Rev. Manfred Wilfert

7.Kayuuwi, Kawangkoan 2. Rev. Joachim Schuh

8.Tombasian Atas Kawangkoan 2. Rev. Johny Thonipara

9.Kanonang, Kawangkoan 2. Rev. Hermut Lotz

10.Kaaten, Tomohon 1.Rev. Veronika Veerhoff and Rev. Andrea Braunberger-Myers

11.Nazareth Matani, Tomohon 1.Rev. Dr. Thomas Posern

12.Kumelembuai, Tomohon 1.Rev. Rainer Bőhm

13.Elim Kolongan, Tomohon 1.Rev. Dr. Klaus Bartl & Rev. Joachim Bundschuh.

14.Maranatha Paslaten,Tomohon 1. Rev. Björn Rahwles.

15. Bait El, Kakaskasen.Rev. Betinna Bender & Rev. Matthias Bender.


19.00.Joining the Thanksgiving Birthay Party with the Family of Mrs.Nova,

the elected Chairperson of Women Fellowship in Bait-El Congregation,  20.30. Delegates Meeting


Monday, 6 November 2017



08.00.Nine of EKHN delegates to Radio Sion (GMIM Radio Station).

Radio SionLive talk show with:

1. Provost Provost Dr. Klaus-Volker Schütz,

2. Secretary of EKHN Ecumenical for Asia Rev.Dr.Johny Thonipara,

3. Functional Pastor in  broadcasting Rev. Annete Bassler,  

4. Moderator : Rev. Tonny Daud Kaunang

Host by announcer Ivana Palit.


09.30. Gather together in Synode Head Quarter Office. 


10.00. Visitation


Divided to three groups:

1. 9 peoples visit to Bethesda Hospital;

2. 7 peoples visit to STM Kaaten.School.(High School)

3. Provost Dr. Klaus.Volker Schütz with Rev. Joachim Schuh remain at the office to do some works with online-blog


11.30. Visiting Tomohon Traditional Market. (There is extreem market within)


12.30. Lunch at Rurukan Hill, Hosting by Association of GMIM-Reverends,

Christian Education Teacher, and Vicars  within Wilayah GMIM Tomohon

They served a very Minahasan Meal


18.30. Dinner and attend Monday Praying in Efrata Kamasi Conggregation, Tomohon 2.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017


09.00 Seminar of Reformation 

Theme: The Churches of Reformation as Churches

with the Message of Freedom in an Pluralised und Globalised World


At Third Floor Synode Office


09.30. Opening Words:

1. Rev.Dr. Hein Arina, GMIM Vice President.

2. Rev.Dr. Johny Thonipara, EKHN


Oppening Worship. Rev. Ventje Talumepa.MTh

Singing Marthin Luther Song;

“Allahmu Benteng yang Teguh”

(Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, Martin Luther, 1529)


10.00. Bible Study by Rev.Veronika Veerhoff. Translated by Rev. Dr. H. Arina


10.30.First Session:

Topic: Parish Ministry in Churches of Reformation.

1. Rev. Andrea Braunberger-Meyers, EKHN Experience.

2. Rev. Dr. Hein Arina.,GMIM


Second Session:

Topic: Church and Diaconal Work

1. Rev. Dr. Klaus Bartl, German/EKHN

2. Deacon Recky Montong, GMIM Treasurer.

Interpreters: Rev. Joachim Schuh from Indonesian to German, Rev. Tonny D. Kaunang from English to Indonesian.

Moderator: Rev.Tonny D. Kaunang.


13.30. Grace for the lunch. by. Rev. Adolf Wenas, MTh

13.30. Lunch

14.30. Delegates take a rest.


16.30. Bible Study of Women Fellowship at Eben Haezar Congregation.

Expecting all women from EKHN delegates to join but only Rev.Veronika, Rev. Sabine and Rev.Bettina could make it.


19.00. Dinner served in Wale Oikumene prepared by GMIM Wilayah Pineleng

Sharing, EKHN-group


Wednesday, 8 November 2017


09.00. Bible Study  by Rev.Ventje Talumepa translate by Rev.Joachim Schuh to German


09.30. Third Session:

Topic : Church and Public Relations in a Digitalized World

1. Rev. Annete Bassler (EKHN)

2. Rev. Janny Ch. Rende, MTh (GMIM)

Interpreter: Rev. Joachim Schuh from Indonesian to German, Rev. Tonny D.Kaunang from English to Indonesian

Moderator. Rev. Tonny D. Kaunang


11.00. Fourth Session

Topic: Mission of the Church in Civil Society

1. Rev. Dr.Thomas Posern. (EKHN)

2. Rev. Dr. Arthur Rumengan. (GMIM)

Interpreters: Rev. Joachim Schuh from Indonesian to German, Rev. Tonny D.Kaunang from English  to Indonesia.

Moderator: Rev. Tonny D.Kaunang


12.30. Fifth Session

Topic: Feminist Theology as Liberation Theology.

1.Rev. Bettina Bender. (EKHN)

2.Rev. Hellen Masambe,MTh (GMIM)

Interpreter and Moderator: Mona Saroinsong


14.00. Clossing Words:

1. Rev.Dr. Hein Arina on behalf of GMIM.

2. Provost Dr. Klaus.Volker Schűtz on behalf of EKHN and Clossing Prayer.

Sing,"Dalam Tuhan Kita Bersaudara"


19.00. Kolom Service with Kolom 15 Bait-El Kakaskasen congregation.


Thursday, 9 November 2017


06.00. Leave to Manado-Bunaken


Friday, 10 November 2017


15.00. Arrived from Bunaken Island.


15.00 - 16.00. Souvenir Shop.

16.00 - 17.00. Introducing to the workshop and training of elected elders and deacons at Graha Bumiberingin.

17.00 - 18.00. Meeting with the President of GMIM Board.

18.00 - 20.00. Free Time in Manado Town Square Mall.

20.00 - 21.00. Dinner with Galilea Teling Manado congregation.


Saturday, 11 November 2017


09.30. Go to Tangkoko  Bitung via Manado.

12.30. Lunch with Sentrum Bitung 1 Congregation.

14.00. Tangkoko Preservation Forest with her special species Tarsius Spectrum.

18.00. To Tomohon.

20.00. Dinner with Getsemani Lansot Congregation Tomohon 3.


Sunday, 12 November 2017


Sunday Service


07.00. Johny, Hartmut, Manfred, Dr. Klaus Bartl, Sabine, Tina, Dagmar, Annete to Manado.


08.00. Arrived at Sentrum Manado.

1. Rev. Dr. Johny to Perak Sorong Congregation Manado with Vivi Lambey as interpreter

2. Rev. Dr.Klaus Bartl to Maranatha Bengkol Manado Congregation with Ullyana Puirih as interpreter

3. Rev. Sabine and Rev. Tina Neuman to Kolongan Kalawat Congregation with Rev. Micheal Lendo as interpreter

5. Rev.Dagmar Unklebach and Rev. Annete Bassler to Eben Haezar Watutumou congregation Kalawat

with Mona Saroinsong as interpreter and Rev.Adolf Wenas as liturgist.

6. Rev. Hartmut Lotz and Rev. Manfred Wilfert remain at Sentrum Manado congtegation

with Rev.Tonny D. Kaunang as interpreter and liturgist


08.30. Rev. Veronika  Verhoff and Rev. Andrea Myers to Eben Haezar Kaaten Tomohon 1

with Maria as interpreter and liturgist accompany by Jane

08.30. Rev. Bjőrn Rahlwes  attend sunday service with his host conggregstion Maranatha Paslaten.

08.30. Provost Dr. Klaus Schűtz with Rev. Gabby Walangitan as liturgist to Tounelet Sonder Congregation.

09.00. Rev.Bettina Bender at Bait-El Kakaskasen with Dirk Palit as interpreter and Rev. Ireyne Mangala as liturgist

Rev.Mathias Bender join the service too

9.00  Rev. Dr. Thomas Posern and Rev. Rainer Böhm. Dialogue-sermion in Jemaat Nazareth, Elder Meisje as translator


17.45. Start from Wale Oikumene to Manado Mayor's House for dinner and farewell party.


07.30 The first lady serve dinner.

Rev.Melky Tamaka say the grace.

While having dinner,the Kawanua Choir sing some beautiful songs.

09.30. Rev. Dr. Hein Arina present gift a cross made from coconut trunk to all delegates.

And some of EKHN share their gifts too.

Rev. Annette Bassler interview the Manado Mayor His Excellency Mr. Dr. Vicky Lumentut.


Monday, 13 November 2017


08.30. Start from Wale Oikumene to Bukit (Hill) Tumumpa with Mayor of Manado His Excellency  Mr. Dr. Vicky Lumentut.

10.30. Move to Pondok Hijau Restuarant for Lunch, host by Manado Goverment.

11.30. Having Lunch

12.15. Pray

12.20. Rev. Dr. Hein Arina expressed his gratitute to EKHN delegates

for coming and hoping this partnership will be strengthened in the future

12.30. At Sam Ratulangie International Airport of Manado. Departure to Singapore and Frankfurt by Silk Air and Singapore Airline


This ecumenical partnership visit from EKHN to GMIM is organized by:

Rev. Dr. Hein Arina, Vice President of GMIM Board, who is in charge for ecumenical relationship


Supporting staff:

1. Rev. Tonny Daud Kaunang

2. Rev. Melky Tamaka

3. Rev. Ventje Talumepa

4. Intje Wayong

5. Jane E. Scipio



1. Rev. Michael Lendo

2. Rev. Mario Tulangouw

3. Mona Saroinsong

4. Rullyana Puirih

5. Elder Vivi Lambey